thanks KSW

Humble thank you to the Kootenay School of Writing for hosting Jonathon and me last week.

We were both pleased and touched to be able to perform together one last time in Vancouver.

Nikki Reimer reads at KSW. May 12, 2012.

I read some new work on materiality in Vancouver, as well as a poem that I found in Chris’ journals, and some work that I wrote for him 12 years ago and recently. It was hard to keep my voice steady through the Chris section, but I was able to get through it, and it felt important to have done so. I am very grateful to those in the room for allowing me to share those pieces with them.

I also read some found poems from my Nomados chapbook, that stays news. Donato Mancini gave me a very generous introduction, and Kim Minkus gave me a lovely lavender bouquet.

Jonathon read a section from the long poem called nature prefers the lawnmower which he wrote between 2004 – 2009; he considers this his “Vancouver Poem” since it is the only major work that he both started and finished while in Vancouver. ”  Jonathon also played an arrangement for saxophone and voice of “i can’t tell if i’m facing the right way or not,” which was published in an issue of W magazine. He finished with a saxophone solo using “Procedure 15,” which is a theme and variations approach to playing Ornette Coleman’s “Human Being.”  He was introduced by Jeff Derksen, which was fitting since initially we came to Vancouver under the impetus of Jonathon’s interest in pursuing a Ph.D. with Jeff at SFU.

Jonathon Wilcke reads at KSW. May 12, 2012.

We thought it was a lovely afternoon. Thanks again. We’ll miss you!



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