Article on Grief through Social Media

This is a belated posting because the original article went up August 23.

Andrea Warner wrote an article for The Georgia Straight about grief and social media, and she interviewed me, Cathy Browne and Florence Chee. It’s a really sensitive piece, I think.

By Andrea Warner, August 23, 2012

“The first rule of grief club: always talk about grief club.”

This has been poet-writer Nikki Reimer’s mantra since her brother, musician and Women guitarist Christopher Reimer, died suddenly on February 21. Via Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, Nikki has conveyed her sorrow: unfiltered, raw, and unapologetically discomfiting. As a casual acquaintance and follower of her Twitter feed, I remember reading the initial announcement. The words were harsh, deliberate, and numb: “I must have typed ‘my brother died last night’ at least 20 times by now, but I still resist its implications with every fibre of my being.”

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