Montreal in 33 shots

I had the great fortune to spend four days in Montreal last weekend. I’d never been. My buddy, Jon Paul Fiorentino of the Pilot Reading Series, brought me out, and I had a lovely time and warm reception by all and sundry.

Thanks specifically Emilie O’Brien / Billy Mavreas / Monastiraki for billeting country breakfast cappuccino walks and easter brunch, Janice Kerfoot for bed borrowing fresh sprout garnish metro coaching power juice hangover cure editorial work tablet rentals vegetarian meal planning general awesomeness and 16+ years of friendship, Jon Paul Fiorentino and the Pilot Reading Series for bringing me out and running an awesome series and making that weird Battlestar Gallactica reference, Tyler Morency for superlative hosting and co-readers Sarah Bellum, Mike Spry, Guillaume Morissette, and Lorne Roberts for great co-readership. So nice to finally meet David McGimpsey, Emma Healey, Jacob Wren and Michael Nardone in person.

Thanks also to friend Andrew Durso for coffee and cheesecake and good conversation.

Herewith, 33 photos of Montreal.

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