Everything is happening | has happened at once.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was beginning to settle in to a new job and was feeling stronger, more positive and more confident than I have in perhaps ever, I thought to myself:

I think I’ve levelled up as a human.

This week, having taken in various beautiful and terrible emotionally charged phenomena, I remind myself of the crux of the Buddhist texts I have been reading of late:

I am just a man.

To recap:

  • One of my most favouritest lit and culture blogs The Rumpus, courtesy editor Amy Letter, published an essay I wrote about the online digital elegy I am creating for Chris.
  • I’ve started attending a sibling loss support group. I can’t speak to it at all given confidentiality rules, but I wish that I could share the beauty and the vulnerability and the tenderness and the suffering that I have witnessed in that room. It is heartbreaking and humbling.
  • One of my favourite people gave birth last week to a beautiful baby boy.
  • Mother’s Day happened. Year two. The echoes continue to fade.
  • Christen Thomas and Sachiko Murakami and I were interviewed in a live CBC Community Chat about digital poetry. (What is it?! What does it Mean?!)
  • The Dodos released a track, Confidence, from their upcoming LP Carrier. The song is about and for and after my brother. I haven’t been able to listen to it yet without weeping.
  • My awesome husband published an e-book of our cat Bella’s poetry.
  • and re-released his own “Sonnets from *Some* Portugese.”
  • And finally, Issue 7 of Poetry is Dead: Mental Health Inside/Out, a special issue that I co-edited with Kevin Spenst, is back from the publishers and in the hands of subscribers. We’re launching it in Calgary on May 22. If you’re in town, it would be awesome to see you.
Poetry is Dead Calgary Launch

Poetry is Dead Calgary Launch

Eternal gratitude to and for my friends.

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