3 thoughts on “Anonymous web form comments

  1. Jennifer Aikman says:

    ridiculing grief & art? neat. no matter. beside the fact that it’s poorly written, this shit-on-the-doorstep anonmymous comment is totally uninspired. she/he/it seems hardly qualified to critique a poet — nevermind an obviously foxy one.

  2. Cris Costa (@CrisCostaLive) says:

    It’s amazing how the internet enables people who hate on themselves to project their hate onto others. The troll’s feelings of inadequacy in the world is also interesting. According to the troll, anyone who is doing anything would be doing so for a “claim to fame” (obviously) and, if one did not achieve it then (obviously, again) one would seek to find it anyway one could. Never mind allowance for the entire gamut of human emotions and motivations, including love, grief, compassion, empathy, sorrow, fulfillment, joy, etc.

    The baseness and idiocy in the comment speaks to the fact that the troll never made his (or her) “claim to fame.” Not to mention that Nikki Reimer is a damn good poet.

  3. Nikki Reimer says:

    Thank you, Jennifer and Cris, for the support.

    The fame comment was particularly interesting to me, because “fame” is nowhere on my list of motivational factors in terms of what I do online, the work that I produce as a writer, or the writing I’ve done on grief and the work I’ve done on my brother’s legacy fund.

    In all honesty, the comment did upset me for approximately 12 hours…then I looked at it again and just felt sorry for the person. Such unhappiness they must feel towards themselves to lash out in this manner.

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