Hey, it’s November.

Well, tomorrow is November, at any rate. I am legitimately the worst at keeping this blog thing up to date.

Apparently we had Summer and Fall? And I did some things?

One of my clothing swap notes. I am so not Chloe Sevigny.

These things include:

  • Writing an essay about my move “Home, Not Home,” published in Modern Loss.
  • Wordfest! There is no evidence online that it happened. By which I mean the usual posts and photos I’ve come to expect after lit events. But I vow that it did! Met some online friends IRL for the first time, got like so totally technocreeped out, roped rising star Guillaume Morissette into performing my hashtag poem, read on the same bill as literary / feminist icon Lisa Robertson, and picked up some cool swag at the Women In Clothes clothing swap.
  • Clumsily dropping that ghostbrother thing into conversation with Said the Gramophone, who thought I was giving him the Bechdel test . . .(“Have you ever written about Women?” Well, the inventor of the gramophone was a man, so. . . “Uh, no, I meant, like, the band. . .) You think you cut your drunken grief-ramblings down to a minimum, and then pop! there they are again. Sean, if you’re out there, I am sorry for being awkward.
  • Witnessing this incredibly generous analysis of DOWNVERSE by the good people at Ethos Review. Thank you, I am so honoured.


If you’re in Calgary on November 1, you need to attend this book launch.

Why? Why do they?

Why? Why do they?

  •  And if you’re in Ottawa November 20, come see me and Chris Turnbull at AB Series.
  • I’ve decided to NaNoWriMo to get myself moving on this grief memoir thing. Am I crazy? Probably. But I have solid plans to hibernate for the entirety of December, so.

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