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In this quick-witted collection of poems, Nikki Reimer mines the language of new media – hashtags, YouTube comments, Twitter updates – to defamiliarize the very substance of modern life: the constellation of media-enforced ideals that barrage our newsfeeds, daily commutes to #work, and (mostly online) excursions to the (Apple) store. #nuffsaid DOWNVERSE soothes the oversaturated … Continue reading DOWNVERSE


[sic] thus written, error mine. Sic to incite to attack, especially as a command to a dog: “Sic ‘em!” Siccing poetry on you. That’s sick, as in, awesome. Or ill and sickly. Either way, the (gendered, sexualized) body is implicated. [sic] re-writes a feminist lyric within the long shadow cast by neo-liberalism upon the city … Continue reading [sic]

that stays news

Nikki Reimer’s that stays news zings with a raucous riot of voices seen and heard to enact the tensions inherent in the unbearable contemporary moment. She takes apart privilege through “frenetic phronesis” to show how language is both the disease and the cure. ~ Jacqueline Turner surfing the attention economy, our eyeballs stick to Nikki … Continue reading that stays news

fist things first

The jerking and gyrating poetry in this collection imitates and challenges the jerking and gyrating body. Nikki Reimer permeates the “ing” with her lingual gymnastics and haemogoblin identities. Her poetry asks the question —whose body?—but never presumes to supply the absolute answer. Her words ring with convex refractions and shaved tornadoes and anklebone dust. In … Continue reading fist things first